Members Voluntary Liquidation [MVL]

A members voluntary liquidation procedure can be applied where the directors/shareholders of the company decide to close the company. A members voluntary liquidation [MVL] applies where a company is solvent and is able to pay off its debts. The reasons

Company Liquidations in Ireland

Company liquidations in Ireland have been headline news for all too long in Ireland. However statistics released by indicate that the trend is starting to decline with the number of insolvencies reducing by 20% in the first quarter of

Cutting the Cost of Liquidating a Limited Company

If you are faced with the prospect of liquidating a limited company one of the most important considerations is the choice of liquidator since the cost of liquidation can vary considerably. Liquidation costs can vary due to complexity and company

How to Close a Limited Company in Ireland

If you have a limited liability company that is to close or has ceased trading it’s very important that you take the necessary steps to formerly dissolve the company or follow a dormant company route. How to close a limited

How to Liquidate a Company in Ireland

When faced with the prospect of liquidating a company in Ireland there are a range of issues that need to be considered. How to liquidate a company in Ireland will vary depending upon the particular circumstances of the company. An

Voluntary Strike-off

If you have a company that has ceased to trade or has never traded there are three options: Close the Company Down either by: Voluntary Strike-off – this procedure is relevant for a company with little or no assets or

Liquidation Process and Procedure

The liquidation process, also called a winding up procedure, results in the company ceasing to trade and being legally dissolved. The process of liquidation does vary depending on the type of liquidation but can be summarised as: Company ceases to

How to Liquidate a Company

Company liquidation is the process whereby the value of the assets are realised to pay down company debts. Depending on the state of the company the process of liquidation may result in a surplus of funds being returned to it’s