Voluntary Strike Off and the CRO

Companies that have ceased to trade or have never traded can apply for voluntary strike off through the CRO [Companies Registration Office]. The procedure for voluntary strike off is well established and CRO guidelines for requesting voluntary strike off in

Voluntary Strike Off Service for Accountants in Ireland

Voluntary strike off services are frequently required by accountants in Ireland on behalf of their clients. Some accountants still process voluntary strike off’s in house while in recent times an ever increasing number of accountants employ the services of a

What is Voluntary Strike Off?

Company strike off – also known as voluntary strike off is the process whereby a company is de-registered from the register of companies and with the revenue commissioner. The most common reasons for seeking a voluntary strike off are: The

Voluntary Strike-off

If you have a company that has ceased to trade or has never traded there are three options: Close the Company Down either by: Voluntary Strike-off – this procedure is relevant for a company with little or no assets or