Company Liquidation Services by

How does the service work?

We will need to draw up a profile of the company by asking you a number of questions about the company and its trading history. We will then forward that profile to our Panel of Liquidators so that each Liquidator can provide a quotation of their fee.

We will aim to come back to you within one week with a range of quotations. It is then your decision whether or not you would like to proceed with the liquidation based on the quotations provided. If you accept a quotation, we will inform the successful Liquidator who will make contact with you to set things in motion.

Why should I use

Getting a quote from a Liquidator can take time. You have to answer a number of queries to give them a full understanding of your business so that they can quote you a fee that will cover them for the time and responsibility involved in liquidating your company.

By using, you can get quotations from a panel of qualified, experienced and professionally-regulated Liquidators nationwide by just going through that process once with us!

Also, quotations from Liquidators can vary. Our clients find that the €69 they invest in obtaining these quotations pays dividends. They find they end up paying a lot less than expected and save an enormous amount of time in making phone calls and researching their options.

That said, we’re aware that price isn’t everything. When we send you the list of quotations, we will include a profile of each member of our Panel of Liquidators so that you know who you’re dealing with.

To discuss your requirements and our service call our confidential advice line or use the request a call back button above