Company Liquidations Terms

Company Liquidations – Terms of Business

To avoid confusion or misunderstandings, it is necessary for us to state our position in certain circumstances. Unfortunately, this is quite formal in nature but please be assured that the standard of our service to you is our absolute highest priority.

(i)Our fee is €69 (incl Vat), payable in advance and is non-refundable;

(ii)The name and general location (e.g. Dublin 6, Galway) of your company will be provided to our Liquidators, however, they have agreed that they will not make contact with you unless you give your consent and wish to appoint them as Liquidator to your company.

(iii)You should be aware that the members of the Panel of Liquidators who will provide these quotations are all separate entities to Tax-Ease Accountancy Services Limited t/a We do not accept responsibility for any loss incurred as a result of consulting with or appointing a member of our Panel of Liquidators.

(iv)It is not unusual for the final amount payable to any Liquidator to differ slightly to what you were initially quoted. This can occur due to issues coming to light, of which the Liquidator was previously unaware, which may increase the complexity and/or time required to complete the liquidation procedure.

You should inform your Liquidator from the outset that any deviation from the initial quotation should be consulted and accounted for with you.

Quotations provided are also subject to a company search being performed by the successful liquidator.

(v)We do not enter into any discussions regarding a Liquidator’s decision to recommend restriction or disqualification of company directors or any element of the service provided by the Liquidator.

(vi)You should be aware that, should you choose to appoint a member of our Panel of Liquidators, they have no obligation to your company until they have been formally appointed.

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