Company strike-off procedure application form

Step One
First Name
Name of agent firm (if relevant)
Address of agent firm (if relevant)
Contact number (incl. area code)
Contact email address
What is your relationship with the company?
(e.g. presenter, director, please specify)

Step Two - Company strike-off Information
Name of Limited Company
Previous name of Limited Company (if changed within last 12 months)

Registered "trading-as" business name(s)(if any)
Other trading names used in last 12 months (if any)
Registered office
Former registered office
(if changed within last 12 months)
Principal place of business
(if different to current registered office)
Company registration number
Tax registered number (if applicable)
Has this company ever traded?YesNo
If above yes, what date did it cease to trade? (IF NO, please click today's date)
(If above NO) Was the company in receipt of any income whatsoever? (IF YES please type N/A)
Are you authorised to order the strike-off on behalf of the above company?Yes
Does the company have any assets or liabilities
(the answer must be "no" before we can commence)
Are the tax returns of the above company up to date?YesNoNot Sure
Are the annual returns of the above company up to date?YesNoNot Sure

Step Three - Strike-off by order of
First Name

NOTE: This person must be a company director.

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