Dormant Company FAQ’s

What is a dormant company?

A dormant company is one that doesn’t trade and has no accounting transactions. If your company has traded or did have transactions during the year, then contact us for a quotation.

Also, to qualify for our €199 fee, the company must be audit exempt. If your company is not audit exempt, then please contact us so we can refer you to our associate audit firm

For more information on audit exemption, please click here

But my company isn’t trading. Why do I have to file returns to the Companies Registration Office (CRO)?

All Irish companies must deliver an annual return to the CRO each calendar year, regardless of the company’s trading status. There are significant penalties for a company which misses its filing deadline. These include late filing penalties and even involuntary strike-off

Does your fee of €199 include filing of taxes to Revenue?

No. If your company is dormant, then a tax cancellation notice should be filed with Revenue under all tax headings effective from the date it ceased trading

There will then be no requirement to file any tax returns for periods after the effective date of cancellation

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