How to Strike Off a Company – by Company Strike Off Experts

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How to Strike Off a Company in Ireland?

Firstly, for a company to be considered for strike off by the CRO the following conditions apply:

  1. The company must have very small assets and liabilities [not exceeding €150 gross] and has ceased to trade
  2. OR

  3. The company has never traded

Having established that the company meets the above criteria the following strike off procedure and conditions apply:

  1. All tax returns with the revenue commissioner and annual CRO returns are up to date and any fees or penalties are settled in advance
  2. A letter of no objection is obtained from the revenue commissioners
  3. A strike off advertisement is placed in a national daily newspaper giving notice of the company strike off application, ensuring the correct wording is used in the advertisement
  4. A company director applies to CRO for voluntary strike off with a completed Form H15 enclosing a full page of the newspaper showing the relevant strike off advertisement and the letter of no objection from revenue

If you are in any doubt as to how to strike off a company in Ireland and whether your company is eligible for strike off please seek professional advice. A member of our team will be able to answer any questions you have about how to strike off a company.

Professional advice regarding company strike off may also reveal other options other than strike off that may be available to you and more suited to the status of your company – for example dormant company accounts or company liquidation.

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