Consultation and application check

Consultation and application check: €89 incl Vat

Maybe you have decided to prepare your own application for voluntary strike-off but aren’t 100% sure on everything. Why not check a few points before you start and then have your completed application looked over by the professionals?

Some people feel happy to take the time to compile their own voluntary strike-off application and present it to the Companies Registration Office (CRO) themselves.

However, if the application does not satisfy certain conditions, then it will be rejected by the CRO and you would only be awarded 14 days to put things in order.

So, here’s an idea. Before you start out, you could have a phone consultation with one of our specialists. Then, when you have compiled your application, you can send it to us to check over before you lodge it with the CRO.
You can then file your application with peace of mind!

Just complete the application form below and we’ll be back to you to get things moving.