Voluntary Strike Off and the CRO

Company Strike OffCompanies that have ceased to trade or have never traded can apply for voluntary strike off through the CRO [Companies Registration Office]. The procedure for voluntary strike off is well established and CRO guidelines for requesting voluntary strike off in Ireland can be summarised as follows:

Voluntary Strike Off through CRO

CRO will consider voluntary strike off providing:

  • A company director registered with CRO formally requests voluntary strike off to CRO on Form H15 and provides all documentation [see below]
  • The company has either ceased trading or has never traded and will not recommence trading in the period between application and striking off
  • The company has little or no assets and liabilities, specifically:
    1. Assets do not exceed €150
    2. Liabilities do not exceed €150

Form H15 – CRO Voluntary Strike Off

Form H15 is very straightforward in itself, but does require additional documentation to be supplied as part of the voluntary strike off process. The main elements of the CRO form H15 are:

  • Application to be made by a current director
  • Declaration that the company has ceased trading or has never traded and will not recommence trading between making the application to CRO and striking off the register
  • Assets and liabilities do not exceed €150 each, as above
  • All returns are filed with CRO a minimum of 2 weeks prior to voluntary strike off request
  • Any outstanding fees or penalties relating to CRO are paid
  • A letter of no objection from the Revenue Commissioner is enclosed with the CRO voluntary strike off application
  • The entire page showing the strike off advertisement placed in a national newspaper is enclosed with the CRO voluntary strike off application
  • The date of the advertisement is not more than 6 weeks before the CRO voluntary strike off application

Voluntary Strike of for Irish Companies through CRO

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Irish Company Strike Off Services

Accountants and solicitors are increasingly using the services of specialist strike off providers like closedforbuiness.ie to help reduce costs for clients in need of company strike off in Ireland.

Company Strike OffIf you would like further advice on voluntary strike off or CRO strike off application please contact us on locall 1890 256733 or info@closedforbusiness.ie. You can read more about our voluntary strike services here