What is Voluntary Strike Off?

Company Strike Off Company strike off – also known as voluntary strike off

  • is the process whereby a company is de-registered from the register of companies and with the revenue commissioner.

The most common reasons for seeking a voluntary strike off are:

  • The company has never traded
  • The company has ceased to trade and has gross assets or gross liabilities not exceeding €150

[if assets/liabilities are greater than €150 please see our low cost liquidation page]

Even though a company may have never traded or has ceased to trade, it is obliged to file returns with CRO and Revenue. The consequences of failing to file returns for either of the above scenarios are potentially far reaching – see further details on involuntary strike off here

What is Voluntary Strike Off?

Striking off a company in Ireland is a well defined process which must be followed to ensure the voluntary striking off of a company happens in an orderly fashion resulting in the company being de-registered as described above. The main steps in striking off a company are:

  1. A minimum of 2 weeks prior to making an application for voluntary strike off all outstanding returns must be filed. Any associated fees or penalties need to be settled before a voluntary strike off commences
  2. Request a letter of no objection from the revenue commissioner
  3. Place an advertisement in a national newspaper giving notification that the company is to be struck off. The correct text relevant to the company must be used
  4. An original page of the newspaper containing the advertisement [it must be the full page], together with a form H15 and letter of no objection from the revenue commissioner is sent to the CRO by a director of the company

It is very important that the correct sequence of events are followed to ensure that the company strike off application is dealt with successfully.

At closedforbusiness.ie we have many years experience dealing with company voluntary strike off ‘s and our strike off services are used both by companies and accountancy practices in Ireland.

One of the biggest costs to consider when striking off a company in Ireland is the cost of placing an advertisement in a national newspaper – this alone can run in to hundreds of euro’s. We can help you with a company strike off and offer the following strike off services:

  • Advertise your company strike off for €99+vat [saving 73% on normal strike off advertising costs]
  • Full company strike off service for €199 inc vat *

*Full company strike off includes steps 2,3 and 4 described above.

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