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Welcome to Closedforbusiness.ie where we provide professional low cost Company Strike-OffCompany Liquidations, Dormant Company Accounts services and placing of Legal Notices for Irish companies and professional firms [accountants and solicitors] acting on their client’s behalf.

  • Company Strike-Off from €99 + VAT
  • Liquidations
  • Dormant Accounts from €195 + VAT
  • Low Cost Legal Notices

I want to close this company and it has a small amount of assets and/or liabilities.

Whether you are a professional firm acting on a client’s behalf or just want to have your own company struck off, we can help. We are Ireland’s leading supplier of strike-off services for limited companies. We offer a fast, accurate and affordable strike-off service.


I want to close this company and it has a large amount of assets and/or liabilities.

When liquidating a company you need both professional advice and expertise at competitive rates. Closedforbusiness.ie gives you access to a panel of experienced Liquidators nationwide. So when you make just one enquiry with Closedforbusiness.ie we will consult with our panel and obtain quotations from Liquidators with specific experience in your business sector.


I may use this company in the next year or two so I don't want to close it down right now.

Do you have a limited company that has ceased to trade? If so, then you have two options:

Keep filing annual returns each year to the Companies Registration Office (CRO)
Our fee to file an annual return to the CRO for your small dormant company is only €199 including Vat* . The CRO have their own filing fees for processing your annual return which is payable in addition to our fee. For more information on filing fees and late penalties, please click here. Contact us today for more information or see our FAQ.

Close the company down
If you wish to close your company down, there are two routes:


I need to place legal notices for liquidation, examinership, receivership, planning etc.

Do you need to place a Legal Notice in the national newspapers? If so, we can reduce you cost by up to 64%. Because we buy advertising space in volume with the national newspapers we can easily save you money. Simply send us the notice on a MS Word document by e-mail info@closedforbusiness.ie. We will then send you a copy of the newspaper(s) by post on the day of publish.


Additional Information

Limited Companies are required to meet their statutory requirements even though they may have ceased trading. Failure to do so can result in penalties. Read our Company Strike-Off and Dormant Company Accounts sections to guide you to the service applicable to you.

Companies are not always struck-off voluntarily. Companies can be struck-off involuntarily for the following reasons:

(1) Failure to file annual returns with the Companies Registration Office.

Usually, when the company fails to file two consecutive annual returns, the company is taken through the involuntary strike-off process.

(2) Failure to file statement of particulars with Revenue:

When a company is incorporated, if not immediately registering for taxes, it should file a Form 11F CRO (Click here for form) with Revenue. If this is not done, Revenue can write to the company to demand it. Failure to provide the completed form can lead to the company being involuntarily struck-off.

The implications of involuntary strike-off are:

  • The assets of the company become the property of the State on dissolution of the company;
  • The company ceases to exist as a legal entity with effect from the date of strike-off and dissolution;
  • The protection of limited liability is lost with effect from that date, and if the business formerly carried on through the company is continued, the owners are trading in their personal capacity;
  • Banks should be unwilling to lend money to an entity which has, effectively, ceased to exist;
  • There can also be unpleasant consequences for directors of such companies in that a disqualification order may be made against them by the High Court on the application of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (see http://www.odce.ie/en/court_disqualifications.aspx)

Company Liquidations may not always be a result of deteriorating trading conditions. A company may liquidate it’s assets for entirely different reasons. In either situation, you want to choose a Liquidator who provides a professional service and realistic cost. We have a panel of experienced Liquidators ready to quote for your work. You only need to make one call and we’ll do the rest – visit our Company Liquidations section for further details.

Do you need to place a Legal Notice in the national newspapers? If so, we can reduce your cost by up to 64%. Because we buy advertising space in volume with the national newspapers we can easily save you money. Visit Legal Notices for more…


About closedforbusiness.ie

Closedforbusiness.ie is a firm of accountants based in Castlebellingham, Co.Louth. In recent years, we have noticed an increased requirement for affordable professional services for companies which have ceased to trade.

We have made it our business to respond to these demands and provide a professional and reliable solution to these dormant companies while ensuring that our fees remain highly competitive. We are conscious of the fact that the majority of our clients have either never traded or have been through the proverbial mill, meaning that affordability is a high priority.

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Last updated August 2021