Strike-off advertisement T&C's

  1. Your company will appear in a strike-off advertisement which is written up in accordance with Section 731 of the Companies Act 2014
  2. We are not responsible for any errors as a result of being provided with incorrect information or instructions;
  3. If an error in a notice occurs due to an error or oversight on our behalf, the extent of our liability will be to either insert the notice again (without charge for such second notice) or to refund the cost of the notice;
  4. We accept no responsibility for any notice placed by us where, subsequent to the placing of the notice, a “change of mind” occurs in relation to having the company struck off;
  5. It is the person/agent/company who paid for the notice who is liable in the event of any claim made against us for placing a false, misleading or otherwise inappropriate notice;
  6. Only upon receipt of payment will the notice be listed in the newspaper;
  7. In general, we aim to publish advertisements within 1 – 2 working days from receipt of payment. However, there can be a maximum of five working days between the payment of the notice and its listing in the newspaper. We cannot be held responsible for any delays due to the actions or inactions of third parties;
  8. The notice will appear as part of a group notice in that, in accordance with the regulations, there may be any number from one to six companies included in any given notice; and
  9. It is the responsibility of the agent or the person who placed the advert to ensure that the advert was placed on time, so that there are no associated issues with the Companies Registration Office in relation to the strike off process. We accept no responsibility in relation to any timing issues of this nature.
  10. We will provide a copy of the newspaper page, which will be sent by email in PDF format. If you require a hard copy/copies for your files, you should obtain your own on the day of publication.